Saturday, February 22, 2014

He look’s a littel wormlike

And we're back to juggling at least two guy's: Benjamin wants to take her out, Willem wants to take her overseas, and Sam has been contacting her as well. Talk about water everywhere...they are all such dubious suitors! Even from a purely pragmatic standpoint, it isn't clear who is the best bet: Willem guarantees a ring and freedom from work, but Benjamin is the one who (maybe?) can make the audit go away. 

I LOVE the Blazer, Kat, but I can NOT wear pant’s at work–beside’s from the look of this model, my tuchus would be 6 inches bigger in the seat and that would NOT look to nice.
Frank is lookeing into an e-mail that Benjamins’ manager sent about the follow-up. I do not understand alot of it, but there is something relating to ACCRUEAL’s of expense’s that the manageing partner asked Frank to respond to. Frank is sweateing alot about this b/c he said that the manageing partner told him to ACCRUE these and they are now questioning them b/c it result’s in LOWER income. I alway’s thought that LOWER income was NOT a good thing b/c it mean’s LOWER partnership money. I will have to ask my dad about this even tho the manageing partner said NOT to discuss this with ANYONE! FOOEY–I am a partner and need to know what I am getting into. I can NOT know anything w/o talkeing to Dad about it, b/c he was the one that made me a partner.
Willem sent me a link to a websight with his picture on it. It was his gymneasium (high school) in Belgum. He look’s a littel wormlike as a high school student, but now he is older. I do NOT even think they had the INTERNET back then. FOOEY! At least I grew up with the WORLD WIDE WEB and AOL, and dad alway’s had me on the computer’s, but NOT APPLE back then.
Benjamin texted me and said he may be home soon. He want’s to go to the TOP OF THE ROCK. I wonder if that is any good. Has any one in the hive gone there? He also want’s to see if I can get ticket’s for Jamie Fallon on the Tonite Show. How in the WORLD can I get these? Are they on the Web? Do I need to know somebody? FOOEY!


  1. Willem appears to be best willing to give her what she wants but in a dull venue far from NYC. I would count Benjamin out. She found him cute even on a government salary. That says a lot.

    1. If Willem can support her in her lifestyle she should go and have a family in Belgium. It is not too different from France or Holland and the Euro is a good currency for purchasing power. If Willem is still wormlike I doubt he'd demand sWex more than 2x week. That leaves a lot of free time for shopping in Bruges.