Thursday, February 13, 2014

NOT very musculear or machoe

Silence, Vinnie. Nothing at all. 

I agree it is NOT wierd either. When I was dateing Alan, my freind gave me a very pretty nightie to entice Alan, but Alan would have NONE of it. I thought it was strange that he did not like the nightie and actueally prefered me in a burly flannel nightie, but rest assured he would promptley pull it off me as soon as he wanted to do anything. He said that frilley thing’s were not for him. Suprisingley, Alan also was NOT bashful about getting naked himself, either, even tho he was NOT very musculear or machoe. I never did figure him out sex-wize, b/c he kept telleing me what a great lover he was, but in the flesh, he really was pretty dull and ordinary. FOOEY!

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