Thursday, February 6, 2014

access to tecknology 24/7

Always't the arbiter of profesionel standards. I probably would like to see Ellen as a paper delivery lady, though! Maybe after she's married and has a few kids, she'll get a little bored and consider this option as a bit of a less invasive way to work than as, say, a judge.

Great pick, Kat. I love the color, but would perfer a dress, not slack’s, b/c I can NOT get the manageing partner to pay for slack’s. FOOEY!
As to the OP, Hug’s to you. But guess what–we are all liveing in a “connected world” where we have access to tecknology 24/7. That will not change. Even if your job is to deliever Newspaper’s, you still have to have technology to find out for the next day who is not to get a paper and who is to get a paper from yesterday which fell in poopie, etc etc. I DO sympathize b/c I am in the same boat.
The manageing partner expect’s me to keep my iphone on 24/7 and he often text’s me about thing’s. He also send’s notes to me that I acess on my MACBOOK AIR at home now that Dad came and installed my NEW Wireless ROOTER from FIOS. I kind of like the speed of FIOS, in case other’s want to know, they are pretty good as part of Verizon. YAY!!
What you should DO, is to turn off the computer b/f you go to sleep, that way you will NOT loose sleep once you turn the machine off. Do NOT change career’s b/c like I said, we are liveing in a connected world. FOOEY!


  1. I wish she'd "connect" with me. I'd loan her my Rooter to play with, but it is the opposite of wireless. I don't think she'd complain after a few minutes of bliss in the sack with me. [Now don't edit this out, Ellenwatch, I am presuming 100% consent on the part of Ellen, who is definitely on the make for a new Rooter, wireless or not].

    1. What about having Ellen "root for the home team" with me being said home team? Down under this type of "rooting" has a special meaning that I would love for her to learn. Have a look at wiktionary and see what I am talking about, Ellenwatch. You can learn something too at your age. All of us Kutzas have had their share of rooting.