Thursday, February 27, 2014

my biological clock is tickeing and where is my Prince Charming.

Additional financial concerns about moving to Europe--in addition to their currency being basically play money--you have to forfeit your 401(k)! Probably to your father, isn't that the default policy? Sure does sound like we have more and more reasons to be wary of marrying Sam or Willem. Husbands of any nationality are equally likely (say around 95%) to chase nanny tuchuses, however, so on that score there's not much one can do. Ellen does look approximately like Sienna Miller, right? No shelter.

Notice the sentence construction following that nanny line: "No, I think I will just have to...". This is also common among Sunshine Girl posts (here). I'll let you connect this, yet another, dot. 

I know exactely how you feel, but at least you are MARRIED! I want a baby, but peeople CONSTANTLY remind me that my biological clock is tickeing and where is my Prince Charming. I tell them I have been WAITING ALONG TIME for him, but I keep getting LOOSERS who just want sex but NOT to marry me or suport our children (until recentley, with Willem and Sam, but they are NOT USA Citizen’s and I wonder if they realy want me or the thought of an American wife).
Grandma Trudy says go for it, even with a Foreigner, but Grandma Leyeh is more worried about me becomeing a Europeean, when so many peeople struggled to get out of Europe Less then 100 year’s ago, why would I embrace goeing back? She said Russia and Sochi are example’s of the troubel I would be inviteing if I go back, and I would NOT even have a 401(k) in Europe. I told her I have one here, but she said they would probabley confiscate it if I go over there If I want to become a citizen of UK or Belgum. I am not sure about that but do NOT know who to ask. Right now, Dad has alot of my equity tied into the 401K and my apartement is also considered my property, even tho Dad paid for it, b/c I did NOT want to live with mice and roache’s, like I did when I was in the apartement I rented. FOOEY!
So I say when I DO get married, I will look for an apartement here big enough for ME, MY HUSBAND and enough room for 2 children, which mean’s at least 3 bedroom’s or more. In Manhattan, Dad say’s this will be over $1.5M for a half way decent place. That is why I simply can NOT fall in love with a LOOSER that can NOT aford to buy and pay the maintence on it, unless we both work and then I would have to hire a full time NANNY, and that does NOT come without PROBELEM’s. DOUBEL FOOEY. With my luck, I will gain 10 pound’s and I could find my husband attracted to the NANNY. TRIPEL FOOEY ON THAT. No, I think I will just have to marry a guy with enough money and a good enough job to support ME being the nanny and the wife and the housefrow, so that I can stay HERE, near the family and Rosa. A guy like ED wouldn’t be that bad, and he does LOVE Rosa alot. Where is a guy like ED? I want someone like HIM!!! FOOEY!


  1. I agree with Ellen. Should she fail to take excess weight post-partum, her husband could well stray and start fooling around with the nanny. We need look no further than Arnold Schwartzenegger, who cheated on Maria Schriver of all people, with a nanny that was not even that young or pretty. No one knows what the back story was between Arnold and Maria, but in many situations, the guy strays because the woman brays. Not sure if this is true in all cases, but guys will become attracted to less powerful women who put them up on a pedestal and do not tell them what to do and how to do it. If even the Governor of California can fall into this trap, I suspect Ellen could become the next Maria Schriver. And then she could wind up as an NBC Commentator on the Today show with Matt Lauer of all people!

  2. I think that Ellen should get in vitro, so that she can have her child now, while she is still young. Sitting and waiting around for a guy that meets all of her criteria is not a good alternative. She is a good catch for the right guy, but she can't be laying around waiting for the right fisherman to hook her. Dad makes any guy look mediocre, both because he is so demanding as well as because Ellen has high standards and is likely to become high maintenance, as her sister is already. Of course, her sister has already popped out 2 or 3 kids from the oven already, and it is not clear that Ellen's oven even works, as she has not had much experience with her floor model. My other thought is that the guy who took her out to St Louis (I forget his name), would surely be up for fathering a child with her. So at least she would not have to visit a sperm bank or get a turkey baster for doing it herself.

    1. Ellen should have certain minimum standards for a husband (or a sperm donor), beneath which she should not go. The guy from
      St. Louis is as bad as Alan -- I recall he mooched a cab ride off her because he did not have enough money to get home after drinking and partying at the World Series game. I could be wrong here, but Ellen Watch can chime in with any missing detail. Invitro is an idea--that way Ellen would not have to suffer the indignity of having some big, smelly guy pounding up and down on her with the goal of impregnation.

    2. BTW, where is Ellenwatch? Is there a chance SHE is with Alan as we speak?