Saturday, February 15, 2014

I truealy sympatheize

So no, Benjamin has not been entirely thrown off. I'd respect him even less if he had! The audit, worse than just still being underway, is getting passed up the chain in DC and is now beyond Ellen's powers of charm (or prostitution). MP still has it coming, say I. 

And Alan has gotten in touch again, this time for no even ostensible reason. I maintain he's working on an agenda, stalled and meandering though it may be due to his drinking. Still no info as to whether Ellen's been writing back or not. I bet she's actually doing emojie's and everything, on the flirty side, and just way too proud to admit this to the HIVE. 

I still doubt things are going anywhere with Willem--if this was going to happen, it's had months to happen.

Yay! Holiday Open thread’s!!! I LOVE Holiday Open Thread’s!!!!
As for the OP, No, I do NOT think it is tacky for you to p’ost a photo of your engagement ring on facebook. So many peeople will want to see it that it is ALOT easier to p’ost the picture there–that way, you will NOT have to take your glove’s off on the subway to show peeople, and risk touching the greasy pole where other peeople have sneezed and left their schmuutz all over the pole’s.
Of course, not EVERYONE will have to see it on facebook. When you are in the office, you can show your manageing partner your ring, and if you have others around like Frank or Madeline, or Lynn, they will want to see it to. So congratulation’s and show it off. I NEVER got a ring from Alan (and I am not counting the dirty rings he put in my tub when he soaked his tuchus in there! — ha ha — a joke, tho he NEVER cleaned up after himself in the toilet so my cleaneing lady had do do more work b/c of his sloppyeness. FOOEY!
Alan sent another text. Evedenteally the girl he was sleepeing with kicked him out for stinking up their bed. WHY did he tell me and moreover, why would I care? — I truealy sympatheize with her and can’t remember how many times I yelled at him for doeing the very same thing.! DOUBEL FOOEY! A new woman should NOT have to put up with that–in fact NO WOMAN at all should have to put up with that. I told him DOZEN’s of time’s that he should get up and go to the batheroom before letting loose with his gas. He told me there was some name for what he was doeing, but who care’s. It is AWFUL and women should NOT have to put up with that.
Sam called me and wished me a happy Valentine’s Day. It was nice and I also got a text from Willem about our basketball date this weekend. I kind of like Willem — he is low-key but I know he want’s to sleep with me. I am considering having him over to dinner at Mom&Dad’s for them to have a much closer look at him, tho they are not crazy about his name and Grandma Leyeh warned me that his relatives may not embrace me, even tho they are NOT Nazis and not even German. I have to ask Grandma Trudy what she think’s.
The manageing partner want’s to know what I am doieng with Benjamin, b/c he is concerned all about the Audit. All I know from Benjamin is that he could not resolve certain issues and he had to take it “upstairs” for senior review. The manageing partner thinks we could be in troubel and is thinkeing that mabye I could have done more to side track Benjamin. I disagree b/c what could I have done? I do NOT think that sleepeing with him would have been proper and I did agree to meet him in DC later and also on LI if he come’s home. That I think is all that I could do ETHECIALLY, so I do NOT know why the manageing partner is pointeing the finger at me for not solveing a probelem which I do NOT even know what it is! FOOEY!
So I will enjoy my holiday weekend, a little with Willem and also with Myrna, and then mabye go to LI for a day b/c mom is bakeing cherry pies and I can take one home she say’s if I come visit. At this point, I do not care that much about my tuchus whenever she mention’s Cherry pie. I will work it off later, Dad. YAY!!!!!

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  1. Did we ever get feedback on her date with Willem? I too have not kept up with all of this. I say she sleeps with Willem and goes to Belgium to meet the inlaws.