Saturday, February 8, 2014

OFTEN abel to answer tough question’s off the kuff

Why weren't the questions "tuff"? Again there is scant predictable system in Ellen's writing.

More on what sounds like kind of liberal/creative billing in Para. 2 here. I have a hard time believing, further, that billing for the same task twice is not allowed at this firm. Ellen, for one, is constantly reinventing the wheel, downloading PPTs from the internet the day they are needed, relying on the Sunshine Girls to pinch hit on some of her most important assignments, I could go on. 

Yay! Open Thread’s! I love Open thread’s! Kat, I love Tunick’s, and also jegging’s, but not leather one’s! I agree with you there! FOOEY!
As for the OP, the manageing partner has told us that we are NOT to undertake any work that is not billeable without his prior written PERMISSION. That is b/c we have strict billeable hour requirements that we must fulfill if we are to get our bonusses. Now that is not to say we do NOT do anything probono, we just find a way to bill the cleint for it. So for example, the CLE’s we do at the bar association we get CLE credit for doeng, but all of the prepwork that goes into the CLE we bill to our cleint’s as it is relevant to their cases that we be comppetent and abel to answer these same question’s to them rather then look it up each time. So all we are doieng is to shift the billeing by advancing it, but not billeing for it later. As a result, I am OFTEN abel to answer tough question’s off the kuff b/c of the legal research I did for a CLE or for something else where I did NOT bill twice. That is VERBOOTEN says the manageing partner. Also, b/c it is a legal requirement to take CLE, we just alloccate the total CLE cost’s to our cleint’s on a per stirpees basis. This way no one gets peenalized for getting a CLE bill that is not per stirpees applicable to them. YAY!
The IRS guy has been over here all day. I cannot even see what Mason is doeing with Lynn, but I do know they are spending ALOT of time together after work. I hope that Mason does not break her heart, b/c she has dated alot of loosers, and she is not getting any younger. She needs to get MARRIED soon and have kid’s b/c she is NOT a profesional like me.
Grandma Leyeh called to let me know she is goieng to L&T today, and she is probabley there now. She is to call when she come’s out and we are goeing to walk up to Bloomie’s and go to 40 Karrot’s for a Frozen Yogurt. I hope they have coffee or butter pecan today b/c those are my favorite’s! YAY!!!!!
Have a great weekend, fellow HIVE member’s. I will Po’st on Monday after I go to the MOOMA with the IRS guy. DOUBEL YAY!


  1. Ellenwatch, guess who has to do some of this work for the so-called Sunshine Girls? You got it--me. I am working today, and some of the projects I have been given are curious to me b/c they sound more like what Ellen needs than what our own clients need. Explain that? Also explain why almost everyone is getting some but me. Even some of the sunshine girls are getting some from the partners who disowned them. Now it seems that at least 2 of them are re-hooking up with those partners whose libidos can't be controlled. Skanky, yes, but to guys over 60, someone who is 45 looks good, and beyond the age they can accidentally get pregnant! The best of all worlds, other than for the Sunshine Girls, who would love to hook the old geezers with a kid.

    1. Maybe that's precisely the plan, Vinnie! At 45 they can pretend they just didn't think birth control was necessary anymore, and then--oops! 18-year piggy bank loaded up, courtesy of the gross old geezers. I'm actually hoping it work's out for them, since it doesn't look like anything better is coming their way at this point.

    2. I personally don't want any part of an old broad that tricks me into spilling my seed under false pretenses, and then having to pay child support for the next 18 years. If that is the best these old birds can do, then I'm keeping mine in my pants after I get to be a partner, and I'll reserve my dalliances to women known to me as trustworthy. To be safe I will have to seriously consider double bagging it, if that is the prevailing mentality amongst 45 year old broads.