Tuesday, February 11, 2014

mixed signeals

I'm not sure how "mixed" they actually are here. I think in the foregoing Para. 1 Ellen's got it about right...

yay! I love Ipod docks. I think Myrna want’s to meet Benjamin but am torn about wether to let her see him now. I am NOT dateing him, but he keep’s stareing at me at work here, alot like Lynn and Mason, but they are sleepeing together and I have not even kissed this guy. The manageing partner told me to charm the pants off this guy, and something tells me he want’s me to do JUST that! FOOEY! I am a partner and do NOT want guy’s thinkeing I am onley a token partner and resident sex toy for them. Benjamin is a nice guy, but I do NOT want to have sex with him. The manageing partner say’s I should make sure he is happy, but that should NOT mean sexueally. Now I am confused over the mixed signeals I am getteing from him.
Benjamin want’s me to visit DC, but I think unless I open up a DC office for the firm, I should decline. Beside’s if I visit, where would I stay? I do NOT want to run up hotel bills unless I can charge it to a cleint, and we have onley a few cleint’s out of state. What would the hive do? I am getting confused. FOOEY!

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  1. Another guy whose pants are coming down and its not me? Come on, why is Ellen so willing to have these guys "drop trow" for the firm. And for an IRS guy? Come on! I would do it, and she'd love it and there would be no strings attached. Let me help her in the sack and she'd never regret me there.