Thursday, February 6, 2014

compared to Brit’s, I am a gourmet

Great Pick, Kat! And I agree with tesyaa, Yay!!!!
Any skirt that is flaired is MUCH more forgiveing then a pencil skirt to peeople like me who sometimes have a probelem with pencil skirt’s that get to tight in the tuchus! I think that wearing this (or a POODEL SKIRT) with a heavy sweater will make me look like the high school chearleader I wished I could be — all I would need are SADDEL shoe’s! YAY! But I rembember in high school that guy’s always were abel to lift these dresses up to see our underwear, but if we ever had worn pencil skirt’s in high school, that would NOT have been possibel! YAY!
Today I took the 6 train in again — it was raining and I did NOT have my fitbit, b/c the cleaneing lady said she was not comeing back over until this weekend. Dad is mad that I will not be abel to be monitored remotely by him until then. He says my tuchus is already to big and a week off is NOT doeing me any favors. Well other guys’ do like me and my tuchus.
Sam said that my tuchus was in great shape–he saw me at the Superbowl party and mentioned to me that he is lookeing to find and settel down with a sensibel girl like me who is both pretty and intellighent. Myrna said he was right and told Sam how smart I was at my job. She also told him I could cook! I supose that compared to Brit’s, I am a gourmet, but that is NOT saying much. I have take out menu’s in my apartement for all the place’s that deliver, so that is not that far off. YAY!!!!
The IRS guy is comeing by at 10, so the manageing partner is pestering me to get off my computer and freshen up in the toilet, but Frank has been in there since I came in at 9. I do NOT know what he doe’s in there, but I generally prefer NOT to go in there right afterward’s. FOOEY! If need be, I will have to go out in the hall now and use the hall bathroom. I just do NOT want the maintenence guy’s stareing at me when I go into the batheroom, or worse, when I am in the stall. DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. Gourmet or not, I will take Ellen, at least for the short term. However, like the rest of us Kutzas, we are all good cooks, so I would expect Ellen to spend at least 1 hour a day in the kitchen cooking up delicacies for the both of us. Perhaps once a week or so, we could go out to eat, but I prefer having healthy home cooked meals to crap cooked by guys who just came out of jail. In the interest of full disclosure, I have a clean record and am otherwise clean from an STD point of view. Can these other skanks claim the same? I doubt it.

  2. Where are the sunshine hags? I see they too dare not show us their dirty fingers, as they must be otherwise occupied with the partners.