Thursday, February 6, 2014

I am a littel queezie about showeing him NYC

1) For ONCE, Ellen compare's herself to a gorgeous superstar as a way to clarify how comparatively less attractive she is! Given the history I would have sooner expected to hear her say she looked approximately like Kate Upton (maybe a little shorter?)

2) Who else is doubting Alan's word about his Don Juan college day's?

3) If Ellen has to "do it for the partnership" with the IRS guy, how far exactly does "it" go? Personally I wonder if anything short of marrying him is going to bring this audit to the premature/negligent end that MP needs. My prediction is that she does spend the whole weekend with him, but Myrna get's called in for backup. 

Hug’s to you. I know this situeation well. I am also haveing issue’s with my wieght now b/c it is winter and I can NOT exersize as much, but you can rest asured that a guy will NOT be disapointed if you are wiling to have sex, even if you are a littel heavy. Alan wanted sex all the time he was abel to when sober, and even when drunk, and I was hardley a Kate Upton at the time either. To bad for him b/c he would NEVER have let me sleep if I were perfect. He said I was a solid 8 out of 10 — funny b/c he was a jerk that could never get any other girl in bed for year’s, tho he said he was a big ladie’s man in college and women were very anxius to have sex with him b/c of his expertiese. FOOEY! They were misled. He was realy NOT anything special and did NOT do much for me either.
Anyway, the IRS guy tells me he has about 4 more day’s here and is NOT doeing anything over the weekend. I said why doesnt he go back to DC, and he said b/c his goverment rate hotel is cheaper then takeing the Amtrak both way’s. So he wan’ts to know if I can show him NYC this weekend. I said I would check, so I have to talk to the manageing partner about this. I am a littel queezie about showeing him NYC b/c it would be a date, and I do NOT want him to get romantic. How come I get into these strange situation’s? I supose b/c I am a partner now, and have to do it for the partnership? OMG, I wish I could just get MARRIED and eat and watch TV at home all day. FOOEY!

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  1. I don't care if she does not look like Kate Upton. I'd bang either of them. As to her ex being a Don Juan; come on! My answer is: No way! Any douche named Sheketovitz is not going to score in the sack with any woman, let alone get a reputation in town as someone other women are aching to impale themselves upon. More than likely, Ellen was his first, or if not, you would not want to get near whatever pig preceded her in his bedroom.