Saturday, February 8, 2014

NOT to worry, but Just Bill

Here is perhaps one answer to the reader's who question Ellen's prodigious billing: MP "trained" her--presumably to pad hours (but maybe without even understanding that that is what she's doing). Most of the "training" was probably in the form of rationalization (see Para 3). This had already been my frontrunner theory, but now it seems further substantiated. 

Wow, Kat, I am posteing early for a change! Yay!
I manage my time by makeing sure that I start early every day and I bill enough every day to hit my weekley goal of 120 hour’s each week. At first I thought this was NOT possibel, but after getting trained by the manageing partner, I can do it. Now there will be some week’s that I take time off, but I make sure that everything get’s billed; many times portal to portal on case’s, with each case handeled sepearately.
The one word of advise I can give new associate’s is NOT to worry, but Just Bill. The cleint does NOT care about the bill if you give good result’s. In my case, it is through litiegation, and my sucess with the court system. I had Frank run a spread sheet for me and he proved that I win 93% of my motion’s in court and 88% of those case’s that go beyond 3211(b). When the manageing partner tells new cleint’s, they are VERY quick to sign our agreement to be retained. It is in THAT agreement that they also agree to automatic review’s by the manageing partner of all my work and the 50% UPLIFT, which none of my other freind’s from law school have their firm’s EMPLOY.
None of my other freind’s from school get a clotheing allowance, but that is b/c of the uplift and my hourley billieng’s! YAY! That is why I am stickeing around for the time bieng as a PARTNER. If I become a judge or go inhouse, I will have to forego this PERKE! FOOEY!


  1. This woman is amazing. If she ever married me and kept working, we could have multiple vacation homes -- in the Hamptons, up in Stowe, and maybe a third place in Florida. Why in the blazes won't you introduce us, Ellenwatch. I've tried to find out where she lives and works, to no avail. I did think I saw her once with that wimp going into Mortons, but I did not connect. Also, I could not find any dentist around here named Dr. Vine, though there were some out of state. Come on, Ellenwatch, set us up and let me get a piece, please? Ellen will surely thank you, because I will definitely marry her as long as she is such a great biller.

    1. Im still waiting for a reason, Ellenwatch, why you do not deem me suitable to mount Ellen, and potentially marry her. Reason, s'il vous plait?