Thursday, February 13, 2014

the same kind of sparkel

Several contexts of sexual assault made light here (again). As with other Ellen themes, it's pretty true to life. 

Great pick, Kat! I need to show this dress to Rosa! She can look great for Ed in this.
I came in on the SUBWAY today b/c it was to snowey to walk, but the 6 was SO crowded and some guy squeezed my tuchus. He said his hand was squuished and he could not move it, but I do not beleive that b/c he was stareing at me before he squeezed my tuchus!
I wished I had room to take a picture of him for the MTA, but my Iphone was in my lit bag. FOOEY, b/c he reminds me of the frat guy’s from college that loved to get women drunk then take their panties off.
Benjamin is here and is suposed to take the Amtrack back to DC this afternoon. Good luck, b/c there is alot of snow in NYC. My mom says I should have Benjamin call me and meet him when he come’s back to NYC and LI. Dad is onley mad that my fitbit total’s are down. Doesnt he realise that it is snowey and slippery in NYC? I do NOT like to fall on my tuchus, or worse, my hand’s when it is icey. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Willem called yesterday and wondered why we havent got together lateley. I said I was busy, but he convinced me I should never be to busy to go to a game, so we are goeing to a college game of basketball this weekend and eateing dinner afterward’s b/c the game is in the afternoon. I will try and squeeze some busness out of him b/c the manageing partner was compleaning that my hours with these guy’s should result in more hour’s billed. I told him I can onley bill so much and if they do not throw me new case’s, there is nothing else I can bill for! FOOEY!
Mason and Lynn just came in together. I can tell they are haveing sex and staying together, or else they would not come in together 2 day’s in a row. Beside’s I know that Lynn look’s different. A littel tired, but she has the same kind of sparkel I did when I was with Alan, but he turned out to be a looser. TRIPEL FOOEY! Mason better not do that to her, but I kind of think this will not go to far. At least she is not sleepeing with the building janitor, which is a good thing!

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  1. I could restore the sparkle she sees in Lynn's tired eyes, and everything we did would be 100% consensual.