Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Of all thing’s I get a call last night from Alan Sheketovit’s mother

More big new's generated by Bertha Sheketovits. Last we heard from her, Alan was crying out Ellen's name in the darkness of mom's home while tossing in turmoil. Further back, Alan was telling the internet how sad he was to have lost Ellen's love forever. But now she is actually lying to his mother and claiming they're back together??? Why would he possibly do this? I don't see how it could be either comforting or productive, and what motives do we ever have other than those two?

Me too. But I LOVE TAHARI, and this silk dress. Great Pick, Kat!!!!! I might even be abel to wear it to work on a day that I am goeing out at night and do NOT have to go to Court in the day time, tho mabye the judge would like it.
Sam called and wondered why I did not return his text and I told him about Benjamin. He sounded peevied that another guy was takeing up my time, but I told him I am not dateing either him or Benjamin. The manageing partner want’s me to continue to WOO Benjamin, but I refuse to do anything sexueal with him for the firm. Benjamin is still very formal with me, calling me Miss Barshevsky, so it is not a sexueal thing, thank god.
Of all thing’s I get a call last night from Alan Sheketovit’s mother, wondering if he is there (meaneing at MY apartement!). I said no, I haven’t seen or heard from Alan in along time, and she said he said we were back together dateing!!!!! I said NO. What in the world was he thinkeing telling his mother this fib. I do NOT know why, but then where was he that he told his mom that he was with me again? I think he might have been out with another floozie that he does NOT want his Mom to know about! FOOEY, and I will not take him back ever, especially b/c of all of the women he must have been with since me. DOUBEL FOOEY!
I left it with Mrs. Sheketovits that I would let her know if I hear from Alan, but not to worry b/c he was likeley dateing another woman and did NOT think it proper to bring her home yet.
I am heading into court with Mason, that is, if he can pry himself away from Lynn long enough to go down town! YAY!!!! Finally Lynn has a boyfreind who is NOT a janitor!!!! YAY!!!


  1. I've got first dibs on Ellen. Keep this jerk away from her. If there's any chance of them getting back together, I am going to be pissed. I've been biding my time waiting for Ellen to come free (and clean) and all of a sudden this loser reappears? No way do I want to follow that sloppy act.

  2. Give it up, Kutza.

  3. We are going to fix Kutza but good. We are not old maids looking to lassou the partners. Kutza is not the only one with libido, and we don't besmirch him for looking for women, but the way he goes about it is unacceptable to us. He has bedded any number of young paralegals and associates at the firm leaving them in his wake as he moves on to other women. If he were up front about it, that would not be so bad. However, he has a slimy way of misleading women into believing that he actually cares about them and plans a road for a future relationship when in fact all he is interested in is placing another notch on his all too insignificant member after a truly unimpressive performance in the bedroom (or file room as the case may be). That is our problem with him. He is a self-centered jerk who thinks that women are here to please him and once he's had some kind of sex, that is it for them. In a large firm, he's managed to bed at least 15 women by our count, so we don't want that number to grow. The word is out at our firm, but not elsewhere, so when we found him trolling after Ellen, going so far as to stalk her at a restaurant, we had to step in. Ellen appears to be innocent and genuine, so the last thing we think she needs is Kutza's member up close and personal. If we could get someone to post a picture of it, we'd surely put an end to his nonsense once and for all; both for him and his entire family of Kutzas. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to vent.