Saturday, February 22, 2014

alway’s OCCUPIED and NOT availabel to chat

See the last full sentence below (highlighted). Becoming engage'd to Willem is an end in itself now--no nuptials necessary? How would this be advantageous? Is it incremental progress, somehow, or just a cover story to appease the grandmother's until something better and less Belgian comes along? 

You'd think after all this time I'd have better telepathy with Ellen. This is very inefficient. 

I read Marie Claire all the time when I work out at the NYSC. I do this with my headphone’s on so that I am alway’s OCCUPIED and NOT availabel to chat with peeople who stop by and want to talk. There was this guy on Saturday that was some sort of musscle head who came over with sweat all over him (FOOEY) and he wanted to know my name.
Because I had a head set on and was reading Marie Claire, I did NOT hear him at first, and when I did, I was very slow to take my head set off to figure out what he wanted. This happens alot when I go on the weekend’s b/c guy’s are lookeing around for a woman to date on the weekend’s and they see me (with NO ring) and right away, they come up like flies to honey.
At least when I have the magazaine, they do not see right away if I am MARRIED. If I am at least engage’d, I do not think I would be bothered. Willem seem’s willing to do that for me, even if I do NOT ultimeately MARRY him. YAY!!!

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  1. She needs a ring to fend off losers. Lots of guys descend on us when we least want it from them.