Saturday, February 8, 2014

giving it the Thumb’s down FOOEY

Ellen has talked about the MOOMA before--at one point last year she heard there was some kind of exhibit on something there. Maybe it's happened again, already? 

I'll say it again: the IRS guy needs a name, and it better be BROCK or ROCK.

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love fruegel Friday’s and this Talbot’s dress, tho it is NOT a sheathe dress! Usueally I love Talbot’s and wool, but some times it can be VERY itchey if the wool dress is NOT properly lined. From what I read above about the HIVE’s Experience’s with Talbot’s, they are giving it the Thumb’s down FOOEY, but when I went there with mom to get a dress when I was in law school, it was OK. Mom also used to go with Grandma Leyeh and Grandma Trudy, tho the clothe’s are NOT good for peeople older than 55 year’s old. Grandma Leyeh has more clothe’s then she needs, so she get’s most things by Mail Order on the INTERNET! YAY! Both of my grandma’s have new Ipad’s and know how to surf the web!
The IRS guy and I are goieng to go to the MOOMA museum this weekend. He said he LOVES modern art and there is a great museum in DC that is called the EAST WING that he goe’s to. I think I was there once. I looked up the MOOMA and it costs alot of money to get in but he said he would pay for me to go. I said we should pay each for ourself so as NOT to create any feeleings that it is a date b/c I do NOT want to start bieng romantic with him. The last thing I need is to start a long distance romance with an IRS guy.
I remember when I was in law school, I knew a woman who was dateing and married a guy long distance, and he was a teacher somewhere in the midwest, and he wound up haveing sex with other women who I think were his student’s. Even a marrage can’t go long distance unless you see each other every weekend, but then you have to have sex most of the time b/c you have NOT seen them all week. FOOEY! That would pretty much waste much of the weekend, so you could NOT have time to go shoppeing or out to eat b/c you would have to be in bed to long. Therefore, I am NOT an advocate of a longdistance relationship. If you are married, you are together every day, and then you can choose to have sex whatever nights are best and do NOT have to do it all on the weekends. DOUBEL FOOEY!
The manageing partner says I should be helpeing get the file’s in order this afternoon with Frank. I do NOT have any idea what I am suposed to do (and neither does FRANK).


  1. What is this? Now the new guy gets a date and I get nothing? What does he have that I do not? Even her grandmother would recommend me if she knew of me? And what is all of this stuff with sex on the weekends only? If she were with me, it would be a twice daily affair. Once before we got up, and once before we went to sleep. Not a bad gig, if she only knew about me.

    1. Ellenwatch evidently knows I am right. Her silence is deafening!