Saturday, February 1, 2014

what was goieng on here then

  1. I knew it! MP and perhaps some of his cohorts have been up to no good for year's, and now they're finally in a position to get caught. Just in time, Ellen is here, the rosy-cheeked junior partner with no effective vote, to take the fall. Dad's fingerprints won't be found anywhere in the audit because he didn't do the consulting work for Manageing & MANAGEING until 2013, so he has no reason to worry either. Look out, Ellen! You might want to leave the country and change your name, actually.
  2. She was in college in 2003? This is pushing it, based on the maddeningly little evidence I have to date about what her age might be. Clarify that you graduated that year, protagonist, and we can call it even. But otherwise I just want your full DOB so we can stop these games. 

Yay! Open thread’s! I love open thread’s, but OMG, the manageing partner made me come back to work early today b/c we got notice of an IRS Audit of the firm. The manageing partner said I have to get my record’s together b/c the firm was onley recentley converted to an LLC and before that it was a partnership and had it’s own set of return’s that are now subject to IRS audit for the year’s 2003-2011. I told the manageing partner I was still in college in 2003, so how would I know anything about what was goieng on here then! He said we have to work all weekend b/c the IRS will be sendeing a guy to look at our record’s and ask question’s on our return’s. FOOEY! I hope this goe’s away fast, b/c the manageing partner says we can not bill the time we waste with this IRS guy to any of our cleint’s!
Since I am now a partner, he said that I could be libel, but dad says I was not a partner then. HELP! I hope dad is right b/c this is turneing out to be a big pain and I might not be abel to go tothe Superbowl party. FOOEY!


  1. Ellen is a little older than me, but at this stage of my life, I'd actually prefer a seasoned piece of meat, as long as she remains soft and tender in the right places.

    1. Yes, I would definitely study Marie Clair magazine to be sure I was up on the latest, if only to get into Ellen's good graces (and other places).

  2. Ellen could be in trouble. Even if not a partner these years, she worked there for some of those and was a willing participant in the finances. I would bet she would love to be going to Sam's party now, winkie spotting notwithstanding. I also don't think she could avoid extradition from the UK if the IRS wants her. Witness Amanda Knox, who is upset over her Italian conviction in absentia. No, marrying Sam won't help her here unless that is a jury will feel pathos for a local girl that married a Brit, had a kid, and moved there for familial reasons. And I agree that Dad is not nice to Ellen when he forces her to exercise in sub zero weather! FOOEY on him��

  3. Lenore is right. Ellen could have problems as a member of an LLP,even tho she was not a partner until now. There was a guy who filed for bankruptcy who was a partner at a big NYC law firm, not a crappy firm like this one. Ellen needs to marry Sam and run quickly to the UK, and bear him many little Ellen puppies.