Monday, February 3, 2014

but NOT overly donative to men

Of course she was going to cite Marie Claire when people started exchanging the most serious words to live by. 

This is smart advise!
The best advise I got on life was out of Marie Claire magazine. It told me not to worry if I am not MARRIED at age 30 b/c I am a professional and I deserve to have the BEST in a marrage and a career. YAY!
I think another Marie Claire or Cosmo articel I have followed said NOT to let men walk all over me. FOOEY!
To be sexy but NOT overly donative to men in bed, but when you find the right man, to be VERY attentive. (I tried that with Alan, but have learned NOT to be to giveing until he is giveing to me). FOOEY on Alan!
Lynn has been very attentive to Mason today!!! I think there is surley something goieing on between the two, b/c she is NOT talkeing to the maintenenace guy’s when they come over. She stopped by Mason’s desk and left him something.
Unfortuneatley, the IRS guy showed up at 11, and is in with the manageing partner. I do NOT think they are even eateing LUNCH. This could be more serius then I thought. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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  1. Ellen should be very giving to me because I would treat her like a royal. Of course, she'd reciprocate gladly for all I will do for her. I am disease free and clean, and expect that she would be too. Of course, I would submit to an STD test or anything else necessary to access the promised land.