Saturday, February 22, 2014


So what Netflix show did Myrna and Ellen watch while splitting the pie? (I like how the plan, even going in, was to divide it 50-50 and make sure nothing was left in the tin.) 

I also love her clothe’s, but I also love the Good Wife and her clothe’s on the show. I think I like to be like them in court, tho I am limited in the type of case’s that I do. Right now, I am onley a litiegator for WC cases, but the manageing partner want’s me to get into IMPORT/EXPORT law, and he say’s there is alot of litiegation on that issue with the Chinese coming in and selling cheapley and we would either defend them or else sue them. I am not sure which way the manageing partner wants to go. He is researcheing this issue NOW with some consultant, who says the field is WOOFULLY UNDERREPRESENTED by council, so that is why the manageing partner is pressureing me to get up to speed. FOOEY! He does NOT know anything about it himself, but he is makeing me the expert? How am I suposed to be the expert when my onley resource is DOUBEL FOOEY!
I got a text from Sam saying that he wanted to take me out for Italian food, but that I was not pickeing up my phone. That was b/c I went home for pie, which I brought back with me. Myrna and I am goeing to eat a whole pie tonite at her house while watcheing TV! She has some episode’s on NETFLIX that she want’s me to see. I hope there are some cute guy’s on whatever show she is talkeing about YAY!

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  1. With Ellen and Myrna eating pie and watching Netflix, my bet is on king of thrones.