Thursday, February 13, 2014

but I think he like’s to eat onion’s garlic

Which grandma was a Shirley Temple fan? My educated guess is Trudy; Leyeh doesn't strike me as having much time for whimsical entertainment from any decade/century. 

Two more strike's against Benjamin: government salaries are a fooey, and like nearly all males he has bad breathe. Thank's, Subs.

Yay! I love Kate Spade bag’s, this is yet another great pick by Kat. To bad dad make’s me schlep my lit bag everwhere so that peeople know I am a lawyer. I told him they could figure that out b/c of my tuchus sitting on a chair all day, but no, he make’s me carrymy lit bag everywhere! FOOEY!
I just got back from court, and I WON all 4 of my motion’s. That trip was good for 16 billeble hour’s and only took 4! Mason is learning the math quickly. He may yet turn out OK, b/c he carried my lit bag for me! YAY!!
As for the OP, Yes, hug’s to all. My grandma loved Shirely Temple. She alway’s thought that I would be JUST like Shirley Temple, but I never learned to tap dance. FOOEY b/c I think I could have been in movie’s, but I never wanted to go to UCLA, where alot of the movie star’s go to school. Instead, I thought I would be smart and study in DC, but I never wound up getting a goverment job after all. FOOEY! Because I do not like to work so hard and alot of peeople in DC do not work more then 37 1/2 hours a week. They have a life! I am sometime’s very JELOUS, except when I get my paycheck. Dad tells me that NO ONE in the GOVERMENT make’s what I do and what I will when my partnership share is given to me next year! YAY!
Benjamin is still here, but I think he like’s to eat onion’s garlic. His mouth is again not to fresh, and I think he must have ate a sub from subway. I could NEVER marry a guy who ate at subway’s all the time b/c he would have to much gas for me and our bed. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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