Thursday, February 27, 2014

found another guy 5 year’s ago rather than stay pineing for him

The initial oblique reference to Alan (highlight) is followed by a more direct reexamination of his flaws. I wouldn't be commenting on it too much but for the fact that Alan has recently surfaced on Corporette (more soon), AND for the fact, perhaps more important, that this may be the only time ever that Ellen has admitted to missing him. We've had years worth of fooeys, but never a tender word. Others (vehemently) disagree, but I still hold out hope--if not for this couple getting back together, then at least for Ellen to free herself with a pinch of honesty. 

You are SO lucky that you all are trying to get pregenent. I do NOT think you should worry if you get pregenent first, nor should you be jelous if the other’s are first. You are three women with similar goal’s, and hopefully supporteing husbands.
I have often wondered if I should follow up on Grandma Trudy’s sugestion that I do artificieal insemination. That way, I could have my baby but would NOT have to have a lazy man laying around expecting to be fed every day and have sex every night. Of course, I would have to do all of the work myself bringeing up the baby, but that way, I should be abel to mold the baby into a littel person with MY ideal’s and NOT have to listen to a guy who is busy burpeing and being demanding just b/c he fathered our children. I think that a woman has to do 9 month’s of pregeanancy which is alot more stresseful then just haveing sex and getting me pregenant, so why should I have to spend alot of time cookeing and cleaning just for him so that he can just burp and walk away?
I have to looke into this b/c I am not sure if it is even legal in NY State. I want to be abel to figure out who the father is, b/c I do NOT want any guy with bad gene’s or alchoholism in him. Even Alan turned out to be a drunk and a loser, so I know there are NO gurantee’s. Grandma Leyeh kind of liked Sheketovits b/c she knew some relatives from the old country with that name, but when I told her about his probelem’s she said to stay far away from him. I think mabye she was right along time ago and I should have found another guy 5 year’s ago rather than stay pineing for him.
Myrna is comeing over to watch TV with a Cherry pie she bought at Citarella’s and we are going to eat it tonight after we have deli take out from Second Avenue. YAY!!!!!!


  1. I have secretly been hoping Ellen would get back together with Alan, if only because he was her first and only to date, sex wise. I am a big fan for sexual fealty, and most people have lost this art, even for that matter, Alan, who appears to have been bedding other women, or at the very least, dating them. Of course, Ellen also has been out with other men, but as best as I can remember (most of her posts are forgettable) she has not so much as removed one article of clothing for these guys. I recall the Puerto Rican guy -- Gonzalo? -- grabbed at her ass and breasts, but she did not let it go further. That is pretty strong evidence to me that she is still holding out some hope for Alan's sobriety, and eventual return to her bed, where she told us he was not the greatest, but at least gave her some pleasures. I vote for letting Alan take another shot, for better or worse, at Ellen's heart. If he can shake off the booze, he might be OK for her. I do not think the toilet stuffing incidents should be a show-stopper for her dad, particularly if Alan gives him a grandchild.

    1. This is my thought exactly. I think Alan might be worth another chance, if he has gone through rehab. Since Ellen had a long-term relationship with Alan, which included sexual intimacy (no matter how bad it was), she naturally will want to have that back, particularly when the other men on the horizon are not promising.

    2. I disagree. Alan has proven himself to be a loser. Why return to a loser when there are others out there (admittedly losers) that she can compare first.

    3. I do not agree. Alan is a druken schlep. No woman worth her salt is going to want to be seen with this guy in public, let alone having sex with him in private.

  2. Alan might be willing to come back if there are no other women around willing to sleep with him. He may be distasteful, but Ellen has been with him before and could fall back into bad habits. He is better than some of the others, and if he ever dries out, he could father a child with her.