Tuesday, February 11, 2014

his breathe smelled funny all afternoon after the MOOMA

Two major character takeaways here:

1) Grandma Trudy is confirmed as Ellen's mom's mom (and perhaps we will get this family name at some point). Onto the Cast page she goes.

2) The IRS guy is named Benjamin. FOOEY! I was very explicit in my request for Brock or Rock, and I feel like Ellen is really biteing the hand that feeds her. I ask for so little! 

Great Cami’s! I have been LOOKEING for cami’s like this one, especieally now b/c I have been eateing alot to stay warm when I walk in with my Fitbit again! The cleaneing lady gave me back my fitbit, but it had some kind of tomatoe paste on it. I think she must have went to a PIZZA parlor weareing it and spilled sauce on it. I rinced it off so it is OK tho. YAY!
The IRS guy is back again. He is lookeing at me differentley. I hope he does NOT have idea’s that we are now dateing b/c I bought his pasta primavera. FOOEY b/c that had to much garlic on it, and I think his breathe smelled funny all afternoon after the MOOMA. I also showed him some place’s in Midtown, includeing ST Pat’s, and the NYAC. His relatives used to own property in the city. I think I will ask my mom and Grandma Trudy about him b/c he claim’s to have come from the same place as our releatives.
He does like the way I “carry myself” whatever that mean’s. Myrna say’s he likes my T&A. Fooey, if that is true b/c I have not even kissed him and already he is undresseing me? FOOEY! What does the hive think about a guy talkeing like this when you have NOT even kissed him and he is imageining your tuchus and boobies just for his likeing. I say this is to early, but Myrna says this is fine. I would have liked for Myrna to be with me, but she could NOT make it, so I had to be alone with Benjamin. I hope I am not makeing a mistake but I told him I would consider goieng to DC when the Cherry Blossom’s are out. What would the hive do? I hope we are DONE with our audit by then. I did NOT tell the manageing partner b/c I do not want to get into troubel with him. Help! Men can be so dificult sometime’s!

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  1. There's another old lady in the picture. Maybe I can plead my case to her. What's her telephone number. I'll call before dropping by her doorstep, as long as she's local. And this IRS guy is getting on my nerves. He started out OK, but now he's trying to get into Ellen's panties. Why does he have it so easy? I've been pining away here silently for months and all of a sudden she's going to service a guy from the Internal Revenue Service? Don't tell me that's his job, because I'm first in line to do any servicing of Ellen.