Saturday, February 22, 2014

with a nice Blouse underneathe

Mink Oil really belong's on the list of Ellen standby products. I think she's nearly as serious about it, consistently, as about scrunchies.

I'm not sure what to do with the fact that Benjamin is pushing for a date that would take place over a month into the future. At this point we have zero information on the status of the audit (is Ellen even asking?) and even less knowledge as to how influential Ben might be if his affections were ever requited. As with her communications with Alan, however, she's telling us half the story at most. (To think that I am complaining about Ellen not generating enough content! I guess my real issue is that it's not the right content?)

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I cant believe it is already Fruegel Friday! I love Friday’s and casheamere V neck sweater’s with a nice Blouse underneathe! Great find, Kat!
As for the OP, I have alot of expereince with leather boot’s in NYC. You have to do more then use Saddel Soap. You also need to use MINK OIL. Have your shoe repairman or cleaneing lady put saddel soap on it initialy to CLEAN the leather, then have him POLISH the leather, and then after it is all cleaned and polished, THEN have him/her put MINK OIL on the shoe’s and let them sit for at least 24 hour’s before using.
When I was in college I had a pair of Fry Boots, but I did NOT know any of this, so I used them w/o treateing them and in DC, and they got RUINED after I used them in the winter, got salt on them and went on the toepath along the river and stepped in mud and possibley horse poop b/c horse’s sometime’s ride there. FOOEY!
I am goieing home this weekend with Myrna to get some time with Mom & Dad on LI. Benjamin texted me and said I should plan on comeing to DC in April. I hope we are NOT still being audited or the manageing partner will want me to do thing’s with him. I told him it was OUT of my (and his) hand’s so what difference would it make.
Margie wanted me to meet her in the City to go shoppeing at L&T today at lunch, but the manageing partner forbid me to go out with her, b/c she alway’s spends alot of money when I am with her, and sometime’s the manageing partner makes ME return the thing’s. FOOEY b/c I like Margie. Frank said I should go, but I do NOT want to get the manageing partner mad at me b/c he is also noticeing that Mason is alway’s hanging around Lynn’s desk and he does not think I am giveing Mason enough work to do. DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. Enough with the IRS guy. Vinnie is here in NY ready to be of service 24/7. You'll be strutting differently after a night with me.

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    2. What did VJK say that was removed?

    3. I would never let a guy like Vinnie near me, or even buy me a drink. Guys like him think they own you after they put $5 down at a bar for you to have a beer with them. Do they seriously think that buying me a beer will get me to go to bed with them?