Thursday, February 13, 2014

I wound up geting a good recomendation

Yay! I love silk blouse’s, even one’s with bow’s, but first let me help the OP. You should go to Pike’s Market downtown b/c they have a lot of thing’s to see, eat and everything else, and most importanteley, they have burley guy’s throweing around whole RAW Salmmon fishes! It is the greatest thing. My dad took me there 3 year’s ago when he was consulteing with Boieng Airplane Company and we had a great time. The guy’s in Pike Market wanted to know where I lived b/c they said I was beautiful! I never got a complement like that right to my face, and that was the SAME day that dad was saying my tuchus was to big!
As for the Blouse, I totaly love silk, and when I was a summer intern in college, I had a blouse like this and a greasy alchoholic guy came up to me and untied the bow on my blouse right on the corner of 23rd and Pennsylvania Avenue! I was mortified! But he did NOT see anything b/c I was weareing a bra. FOOEY on men who do this to us women. It is VERY unprofesional to untie a woman’s blouse on the street. DOUBEL FOOEY!
I told this same story to Benjamin b/c he was askeing about my work expereince in DC and that stand’s out in MY MIND year’s later. You have to be carful when wearing just a blouse in the summer in DC. It is hot out but you do NOT want men pawing at you when you are outside. FOOEY. I wound up geting a good recomendation from the person at the agency, so it helped me get my next internship in the Fall! YAY!!!!!!

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