Thursday, February 13, 2014

more professioeal hair style now that I am NO longer in my 20′s and cute

Ellen is not just an even 3-0, no way. I actually think she's north of 35 by this time, but am steadily loosing faith that she will ever tell us (or at least not truthfully). Anyway, no short haircut on the horizon. And Dad is takeing his complaint's about her weight to MP--perhaps looking for someone who actually does have some enforcement muscle on her. 

Hug’s Ashley, you will get the job you want, and my dad say’s that if they don’t give you the job, mabye you dont want to work there anyway. Just say FOOEY and move on!
As for the hair p’ost, I have been thinking for a long time of getting a shorter, more professioeal hair style now that I am NO longer in my 20′s and cute. I still have long straight hair that the manageing partner likes me to wear down, exept in the summer when I can put it up, but alway’s with a schrunchie if I am doing research. Lateley, I have tried to ask him if I can cut my hair shorter b/c it would be easier to manage, but he says NO, my main asset is my blond hair and he does NOT want me to do anything to mess that up, particulearley with the judge, who is crazy over me (why I will never know, but I will go with that.) The manageing partner says that Marisa Meyer of Yahoo got to be CEO and he think’s she looks alot like me, but he likes me even better! I think he say’s that b/c he want’s me to think positive, b/c dad told him my tuchus is way to big.
So the message for me is to see if I should dress and act more like a 30 year old and not like a 20 year old, b/c I am not in college any more. FOOEY!

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  1. Keep your hair long. It is more sexy, especially in bed. Besides look at the cover of Sports Illustrated. It's the hair and bodies that make these women HOT!