Sunday, February 16, 2014

that I do NOT copy opposeing counsel

The content here is a yawn, and if it was on Corporette I probably would have passed it over. However, here is Ellen weighing in elsewhere on the fascinating topic of email habit's. Nobody replied, whaddya know! 

Actually the only interesting thing about this po'st is that it confirms she's sworn off Disqus, at least for now. Gone are the days of several (there's the first) fabulous Ellen profiles that did all my work for me! I can't imagine why she accepts. even abets, my obsessive monitoring on Corporette while being determined to throw me off her trail everywhere else on the internet. (...Actually, I can imagine, and when I do my imagination wanders off to the issue of IP address tracing and how much easier it might theoretically be when all of one's comments are consolidated under a single account.)

As alway's, if anyone else sees something I missed please share it here! As you can see I am fairly late to this one.

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    I am VERY PROMPT in replying to my e-mails. The judge like's that I am so responsive, especially b/c I do NOT do any kind of email's to him that I do NOT copy opposeing counsel. YAY!


      1. What Ellen needs is a guy that she can bang the bejesus out of. Then she would have less inclination to bare her soul on the internet.

      2. Perhaps Ellen's employer (like mine) has blocked Disqus entirely. It is quite ANOYEING to have to comment on one's PHONE when at work.

      3. At least she is not mean spirited. She's just a young Citi gal trying to make her way in the world.

      4. I recommend Ellen start sleeping with these men. Not only could it be yummy but she'd have a basis for comparing which one she will want to mount for the next 40+ years. Otherwise she's letting time go without what would likely be pretty good sex with some of these guys.