Thursday, February 13, 2014

but that Chapter in My life is CLOSED!

I readily admit that my first feeling when seeing that Alan had texted was EXCEITEMENT!!!! This is the first direct contact they have had in years. Yet I've always wondered if they would end up reuniting, and lately especially it has seemed Alan would be open to it. Then, however, it turn's out that he's just cleaning up after himself for lying to mom and sleeping over with another lady. Amid my own disappointment and self-scorn (how could I have been so naive?) I wonder if Ellen's reaction followed the same path as my own. 

Did she write back? What are the chances that his main squeeze is going to stick around anyway?

I have alway’s found that WOOL COAT’s are the best and easiest to dry clean. On the other hand, I had a down comforter that I had to dry clean (after Alan), and the dry cleaner did NOT want to dry clean it b/c it was kind of comeing thru in a number of places, but I said just try b/c I realy wanted his scent OFF my clotheing and beddeing. So they tried, but alot of the feather’s came out and they said it was b/c the fabric was weakened by alot of use. So I told them just keep it b/c I did NOT realy even want that comforter on my bed b/c it reminded me of Alan. FOOEY!
I got a text today from Alan. He apologised for haveing his mother call me and said that he did NOT want to get me involved. But he did. He said he was seeing some new woman and did not want his mom to know he was sleepeing over at her place, so he used my name. What a dope! Of course his mom was worried and called me. She was so happy b/c she thought we had made up and he was sleepeing HERE, but he was NOT. No thank you, no more Sheketovits for me! FOOEY! But I felt bad for his mom b/c the new woman can NOT be a profesional like me, nor have the L/T prospects I do. Mrs. Sheketovits was thrilled I became a Partner, and asked about the manageing partner. She thought that Mabye Alan could be our acountant, but I reminded her that we already had Frank.
I hope all goe’s well with Alan, but that Chapter in My life is CLOSED! DOUBEL FOOEY for wasteing all that time for Alan to become a man, but all he wanted was to sleep in my bed and eat my food. That is NOT for me. YAY!!!!

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