Thursday, February 27, 2014

NOTORIUS for useing other peeople’s toilets

So another point in Sam's favor is that his use of the Family of Origin's toilet went reasonably well. At least we know which qualities he has to recommend him. Meanwhile more complaints about Alan's GI system/behaviors; though I'm surprised she didn't mention that he also (probabley) put a large dent in the bar at all of these partie's as well. 

Kat, this is an incredibley important topic that all young lawyers (and business peeople) should understand and live by! Thank you for calling this issue to our attention.
My dad taught me early to alway’s be nice to old bosses and others b/c you NEVER know when you will need them. He learned this in the Army. He was alway’s good to both his officer’s as well as the men that he commanded. (Now there are women in the Army, but I do NOT think back then there were). I learned to be nice and CULTIVATE both personal and professional contact’s, includeing peeople that I keep up with even if they NEVER can help me. I call them at least 1 times a year, usueally around the holiday’s when they are either home or relaxing by their pool’s if they are down South.
Grandma Trudy told me to alway’s bring food and drink with me if I go to their house’s b/c they do NOT want to think of me as a moocher. I can’t tell you HOW MANY times Alan went to a party and brought nothing, and left nothing at a party other then mabye stuffing up their toilet if he had to go. He was NOTORIUS for useing other peeople’s toilets, and then walkeing away if the toilet did NOT flush after he used it. This hapened at least 3x that I can remember, 2x at my own house. Dad did NOT want Alan useing the toilet at my house after that. FOOEY!
Sam had no probelems when he used Dad’s toilet, but Dad was worried. That is why Dad like’s Sam. After Alan, any guy who I date who does NOT cause problems with Dad’s toilet is a hero. That is sad. Anyway, Sam keep’s calling dad directly for advice on how to woo me. I wish he would NOT do that b/c it is NOT fair with dad pushing me to Sam and Sam pushing himself on me. I want a guy from the USA, even tho Sam is very wealthy. FOOEY!


  1. Alan could well become reconnected with Ellen, notwithstanding his toilet-stuffing shortcomings.

  2. I have to admit that I am not sure I could live with a guy like Alan. He is not that smart, has bad personal hygiene, and is not employed. What would Ellen really get out of this other than the muffin in the oven she's been waiting for for so long. I say let him impregnate her, then kick him to the curb unless he's proven to have dried out and gone through a 12 step program.

    1. How can you even hint that Ellen should reconnect in bed with Allen? I said she should have minimum standards, and he falls well below those. I know she has a history with him, but that should not be reason enough for her to drop her panties just for him to get her pregnant at this late date. He is not a suitable dad for their children, so best to keep him and his bad sexual habits out of Ellen's bedroom.

    2. Woe to the man that drops his drawers and even tries to penetrate, let alone impregnate, Ellen. If she doesn't drive him crazy afterwards, her Dad will, and if he doesn't, the rest of her family surely will.