Saturday, February 22, 2014

a tentetive thumb’s up

Yay! I love questionair’s, but I can NOT divulge other then I have alot of clothe’s b/c the manageing partner and my dad could find out how much clotheing I have, even tho I onley wear about 10 different outfit’s and about 15 pair’s of pump’s. I also have alot of sheath dresse’s that do not count b/c they are not matched to a blazer, and other thing’s that I wear outside of work also, like blouse’s. So it is NOT some thing I can count acurately. FOOEY!
Sam is mad that I am considering marrying Willem b/c he said he was first, but I told him he had bad dental care in the UK. He said Belgum was no better and that he would pay to send me back to the US if he were to re locate in the UK and we were married and I needed to see Dr. Vine. He also said Willem was a stiff from a second rate bank who could NEVER suport me like he could.
I said that I was NOT marrying Willem but I would have to meet his reletives first anyway, b/c Grandma Trudy gave me a tentetive thumb’s up even tho Grandma Leyeh is down on Belgum and Willem just b/c of his name. FOOEY!
Myrna said she would never marry a guy until she was sure the sex was good, and that is NOT hapening any time soon with Willem or Sam b/c I would have to have them tested for STD’s first, and I am not crazy about either. I would not have sex with Gonzalo b/c he wanted it right away and I knew that he was not to be trusted and then I saw him come out of a woman’s apartement on Lex in the morning, and I am sure he was not playeing Yatzee all night with her, b/c he had his hand on her tuchus. FOOEY!


  1. Myrna's got it right. Listen to her and I'll bang the both of you. Listen to a Dane named Myrna. There aren't too many free spirits like her who will hump on a dime.

  2. Ellen and Myrna should never part their legs for guys like this unless it's to put him in a head lock and not let go until he is axphiated!