Thursday, February 27, 2014

alot of other peeople who were her ENEMY

I know, I am behind, and I have not been live-blogging Alan's attempts to reconcile as posted on Corporette. I'll get there. 

Hug’s to you. I do NOT know what I will do when I face this situeation. I think the best thing you should do IS to greive b/c he was your father. I have learned that even if my father is some time’s overbareing, he is still my father and I MUST live with what he says.
Now your situation may be different, but still I think you will feel alot better if you treat this like any other close relative. I have found that being very forgiveing of peeople who are not that nice to me has worked out. It is all about “turning the other cheek” so to speak, and not goeing down to the level of the person who was / is not nice to you.
When I was in college, the RA in my dorm totally HATED me b/c she did NOT like it that I had alot of boy’s interested in me and she did NOT. Well, I could have been a b***ch to her, but I spoke with my dad, and he said to “turn the other cheek” and be nice to her. After a while, she had alot of other peeople who were her ENEMY b/c she was mean to others, but to me she actualy became nice. I even got her special ticket’s to a concert at the Kennedy Center that some guy gave to me but I did NOT use. I do NOT even remember the name of the guy or the concert, but she was SOOO nice to me afterward’s just b/c of that.
So my 2 cent’s is to greive now, and you will be alot better off later, even if your dad was not nice to you.


  1. The smelly foreigner resurfaces. But why is Ellen concerned that the stink be attributed to her? Everyone should know that these women smother themselves with perfume long before showering.

  2. My RA was very nice to me. He was a junior when I was a freshman. He helped me with adjusting to dorm life, and was the first guy that I let touch me below the belt. We never did have sex because I was too scared and young, but I often think back about whether I should have because the guy I lost my virginity to as a sophomore was a real jerk.

    1. Alice, you do not sound like you had much discretion in college. To lose your virginity to a guy you should have cared for him. It seems you may only have wanted to try sex, but leave love at the door. To fantasize now, years later, about whether your RA should have been the one to take your virginity is somewhat strange, especially since you do admit you let him go "below the belt" back then, which sounds a bit like him taking advantage of a young freshman in your tender virginal years.