Saturday, February 22, 2014

want’s to know if I would make our dateing exclusive.

This is perhaps as close as we ever get to a narrative turning point: Ellen actually has a decision to make, and presumably this decision will influence event's henceforth. I don't really get the "out in the cold" logic in the event that another prospect manifests. It would actually be Willem who was shivering, right, because Ellen will have run off with the new chap and HE would be the one left involuntarily single? 

Yay! I love REISS Dresse’s, I would get this dress, Kat execept for the V neck, which give’s Frank a cheep excuse to peek and I am VERY TIRED of him lookeing at my boobie’s.
As for the OP, I did get my dentist, Dr. Vine to give me an IN-OFFICE whitenening treatment that realy helped me b/c for year’s I drank black tea and it stained my teeth. Dr. Vine cleaned all of that up in 1 treatement in office. Yes, my teeth were sensitive for a while, mabye a week, but that went away.
Dr. Vine gave me a followup home treatement, he made a plastic mold of my top and bottom teeth, then I squeeze in some of this Opalescence and let it stay for the eveneing and I take it out, brush my teeth, and go to sleep. The manageing partner says I have teeth like Jenifer Annisten and mabye he is right, but it was worth it. I wished I had the BODY of Jenifer Annisten, b/c if I did, I would SURELEY be MARRIED by now. Yay for the Teeth, but FOOEY b/c I do NOT have her body.
Willem want’s to know if I would make our dateing exclusive. I realy do NOT want to comit to that b/c that leave’s me out of the cold if another guy come’s along. But considering that most guy’s are looser’s, including guy’s like Gonzalo and the manageing partner’s nephew, mabye I do not loose to much. I need to get MARRIED and have children, in that order, so I am getting pressure to do SOMETHING. Mean while, Mason and Lynn are goieing at it hot and heavy. I surely hope he does NOT hurt her. FOOEY on him if he doe’s. Most men do. DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. Ellen should take a lesson from Lynn who is already at it "hot and heavy" with Mason. There is nothing wrong with testing Willem in bed now. If he's a dud that would be the end of it. On the other hand if she feels sparks and fireworks then perhaps her decision would be much easier. I'm a big advocate of testing the waters, or in this case, the "members" of the guys I date.

    1. I do not agree with you. Ellen should not just start having sex with every guy she dates or she will get more confused than ever. If a guy is really interested in her other than for sex, she will know it and it will make the sex that much better once she decides to open up to him sexually. Having sex with every guy that walks in the door is what some women do, but that usually leads to nothing.