Thursday, February 13, 2014

does NOT have to shouvel

Interesting, Wildkitten (click through, below, to see what she was talking about). This brings us back to the discussion of whether Ellen is actually a troll in the traditional definition of the term--and for my two cents she is not. Most people tend to think of trolling as leaving insulting/inflammatory comments on others' content, but not as developing a persona in great detail. Yes, almost every Ellen post espouses views or values that can be expected to rankle, especially on Corporette, but she doesn't make it seem like her primary aim. 

I think of Ellen more as a self-appointed court jester, a clumsy satirist, a buffoon who isn't even reflective enough to be self-deprecating per se. As for the person(s) behind her, I could never attempt to speculate at motives or even means. As always, comments and disagreements are invited--this is like existentialism for ELLENWatch! 

I think snow is great, so long as you dont have to walk in it or shouvel it. Otherwise, its FOOEY! When we were young, Rosa built a snow man and we had alot of fun. I do NOT like snow now, b/c my dad make’s me walk to work with my fitbit, rain or snow or not. He get’s mad when I take the 6 line and say’s I could be svelte and MARRIED if I walk, b/c I can meet a man and have the kind of tuchus he want’s. I think he is a littel crazy over my tuchus being to big, but he does not care about snow b/c he has a man who come’s by with a plow and he does NOT have to shouvel. The manageing partner is workeing from home so he does not care either.


  1. How I wish I had a man to come by with a plow right now on my street... I am so sick and tired of this winter, and very sore from all the shoveling I've been doing.

    Ellen is such a fascinating phenomenon... I cannot look away.

  2. I also like Ellen, but I think she is real, and clearly not evil or sadistic. There are many unusual people in the world, so to find one that actually uses the Corporette website to outline her daily doings like diary is hardly that surprising. I come here because this blog lends a unique perspective to those daily posts. My boyfriend has no clue why I like this blog so much but he just will never understand. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ellen is entertaining, despite being just a little repetitive. I love it when she gives fellow commenters "hugs" and encouragement about their dating and professional lives... her persona seems like a nice person at heart.

  4. Agree. I see myself in her sometimes. That's why I come here to get the interps from other kindred spirits.