Monday, February 3, 2014

knows alot about me and that is creepey

Ellen had already guessed that Sam was receiving intel from her father, but the "creepey" allegation below makes me wonder, further, if he's doing some kind of cyberspy stuff. Of all people to hack, I'm sure Ellen would be easiest--from her phone to her fitbit to her email, I wouldn't be surprised if Sam has access. 

Meanwhile, the IRS is already on the scene! I thought the firm was going to have more time to prepare for Judgment Day. The fact that Ellen is supposed to be the front line--for "distraction"--should give some idea of MP's desperation. Maybe he should sell his boat now. 

Yay, Pricey Monday’s — I love Pricey Monday’s and this skirt, tho it’s to much for me to spend.
As for the OP, Yes he was a good actor, but he did it to himself, so I can NOT get to sad. I heard about this at the Superbowl party that I wound up goeing to at Sam’s apartement. He was OK, but his freind, Bill, was a total jerk. He was a Seehawk’s fan, and he was GRUNTEING the whole time b/c the Seehawk’s kept winning. Also, he had his face painted green. Who does that? He works in foreign exchange (whatever that is) — when ever I need foreign MONEY, I go to Grand Central Station and there is a person that gives you foreign MONEY! So I do NOT know what the big deal is!
Myrna says he make’s alot of money, but I do NOT understand why a money changer can make so much money. I will ask my dad.
The manageing partner let me go to the party yesterday, but I spend all day Saturday and half a day SUNDAY geting my record’s together, b/c the IRS guy is comeing here at NOON. The weather is bad, so I am not sure if he is comeing, but the manageing partner got an e-mail saying he is here from WASHINGTON DC, and is at a hotel. Mabye he was at the superbowl. The manageing partner says I should talk to him and take him out to Crumb’s for coffee and to talk about DC, b/c I went to college and LAW school there so mabye I can distract him. I said OK, but I do NOT have much luck with acountant’s — look at Alan. All he did was lay around in my apartement, eateing all my food and dirtying up my bedroom. FOOEY on acountant’s! DOUBEL FOOEY!
Anyway, Sam thanked me for comeing to the party and asked me if I wanted to go out for Italian food this week. He knows alot about me and that is creepey! I said mabye, so we shall see. YAY!!!

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  1. I watched the game and never grunted once. How can she possibly be allowed to waste her time with these losers? If she was with me, we'd probably have our own fireworks at halftime and we'd never return to watch the second half.