Tuesday, February 18, 2014

which are NOT the same as dollar’s

It sounds like Ellen is actually considering marrying Willem, and he has all but asked. Will Trudy and Leyeh sign off on this proposal? How much worse will the language barrier be for her there, as opposed to here? And what will happen to Ellen's posting schedule if she moves to the Euro time zone to shop with Euro's as a SAHM?

I am IN the office, b/c I have a motion practice tomorrow, but I am the ONLEY one in. FOOEY! I put in alot of work for this firm, and I am a partner, but I would LOVE to be out shoppeing today at Lord & Taylor or Zara, but my work come’s first, b/c I am a professioneal who MUST get the right result’s for my cleints.
I saw a game with Willem. It was fun. He said that if I were a convenioneal woman, he would bring me home as a liekeley spouse. But I would have to be like Belgan women, who must cook, clean and bear children for him. Willem said he would be goieng back to Belgum next year and would be happy to take me with him if we were MARRIED. Willem makes money in Euro’s, which are NOT the same as dollar’s so I would have to spend money in Euros there. He showed his parent’s my picture and they want him to bring me to meet them. I want to get MARRIED and have children, and I think I am NOT goeing to have both unless I start NOW. Willem has NOT even grabbed at me and has NOT pressure’d for sex, tho I know if I said yes he would NOT disagree. I have to find out wether Grandma Trudy would suport me if I want to go to BELGUM and marry him. They have better dental care then in the UK but Grandma Leyeh says she does NOT like his name, but no one else is willing to marry me and Willem has never even seen me naked or slept with me. Mabye I should go and meet his parent’s. What a dillemna! FOOEY!


  1. I also hope she doesn't marry him. Who needs an alien 6 hours away. We'll never hear from her if all she's doing is birthin' babies!

  2. And where has Grandma Trudy been all this time that she has veto power? She's been an absentee grandma up until very recently.

    1. Indeed! But the same thing happened with Leyeh--fairly quickly after her name and family position were solidified, she became a power player without whose approval Ellen couldn't do anything. I have no excuse for this, but maybe Ellen does...?

  3. Where is Ellenwatch? Again on a siesta?