Thursday, February 6, 2014

have to charm him into goeing away

More interesting hypotheses about the world here--can you charm someone so thoroughly that they feel compelled to leave? I certainly understand the exigency here, as the firm has been doing all kinds of shenanigan's and the only obvious solution now is calling off the dogs. But if the IRS guy is even remotely cute and interested in Ellen, I'm very interested to know what kind of eyelash-batting can put him into retreat rather than its opposite. 

The bottom line is that Frank should probably be the one interfacing with him.

I love pencil skirt’s, but have to be carful, b/c dad say’s the last thing I want to look like is a tub of lard with a pencil skirt that is to small and my tuchus is sticking out. On the other hand, a Pencil Skirt also look’s dumb if it is to big on me, b/c it look’s like a TENT. Who needs a skirt that I have to grow into? Not me. FOOEY!
I met with the IRS guy. He is actualy cute and wanted to know why I was not MARRIED. I said b/c I dated a guy who I thought would marry me but was a drunk that onley wanted sex and he was kind of a loser in bed b/c of the alchohol. He seemed interested, but he onley works for the goverment and probabley does NOT make enough to suport me and our children if we should have them, so I am NOT goeing to let him pursue me. He did know some of the same places that I liked in DC, like Hawk and Dove on the Hill and Blu Restruant and the A bar, so he could have posibilitie’s if we ever open up a DC office. But for now, I JUST have to charm him into goeing away. YAY!!!!

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  1. Tight or not, i'd like to sharpen my pencil with her pencil skirt. Come on, Ellenwatch, make it happen. I am tired of reading about other guys getting to her while I am stuck here at work.