Monday, February 24, 2014

apreaciate my sense of humer

So the problem is having a foreign husband of any origin. I actually think it could be a great idea, and probably the only way of substantively escaping Dad that he would actually allow. ("Taken care of by a man? Oh, I suppose. Now go before I change my mind.") 

So far the specific complaints about Europe were bad teeth destiny and euros, which are not the same as dollars. Increasingly, however, we're admitting that homebody Ellen just want's someone willing to settel down in one of two boroughs, accessible to Dr. Vine and participating in the same currency system. Good to know what you want, right? Like Chai or Peppermint tea? Which if I could share with Ellen right now, and maybe some Netflix, might soothe my world-weary soul too...

Yay! Splurge Monday’s! I love Splurge Monday’s and this blazer. There is a BERGDORF near me that I can walk to at work, but it is a littel far so I don’t go there except on Weekend’s.
As for the OP, whenever I get a littel stressed in the morning or at night, I alway’s brew a pot of CHAI or PEPPERMINT TEA. I find that it calm’s me down (and make’s me go to the bathroom, which by the way is also a good thing). Lateley, I am stresseing over my future, and my need to have a baby, b/c Willem is #1 on the list, but I am not sure I want to have to sleep with him. He is a good freind and profesional, but Myrna think’s he is to stiff for me, and would NOT apreaciate my sense of humer.
Sam, on the other hand apreciate’s me but he has bad dental care in the UK and I do NOT want to have to live there. Why cant I find a USA guy to marry me and live right here in NY or LI? Why do I atract these guy’s from other countrie’s? There must be ladie’s over there for Willem and Sam, so why do they want me instead? I know I must be different for them and that is why, Myrna says, but she seem’s to have mostly USA guys to date, tho she did meet some guy’s doing the triatholon from somewhere else who wanted to have sex with her. FOOEY!
One of the’se day’s I will find a US Citizen who is decent who I can sleep with and who will MARRY me and suport me and our children. Why is that so dificult? I think I should make a pot of tea now, but I have to prepare for an EBT. FOOEY!


  1. Ellenwatch, I have a confession. I have decided to increase the amount that I walk and want a way to track it. So today I bought a Fitbit. If it weren't for Ellen, I wouldn't have even considered a Fitbit, but now I am spending $100 due to her recommendation. I also have some advice for Ellen: in doing my Fitbit research I found that the newer Fitbit Flex seems to overestimate the amount of walking done. Assuming Ellen is using an older version, she should upgrade to the Fitbit Flex immediately. Mr. Barshevsky will think she is getting in more exercise than she actually is!

    1. I also bought a Fitbit because of Ellen! I was so impressed by her diligence (and her father's surly attitude) that I figured that it could not hurt for me to try, and she was absolutely right. I check it at least 3 times every day, and it synchs to automatically to my laptop and it also sends me e-mail weekly progress reports. So if I wind up losing a dress size, it will all be because of Ellen!

    2. Steph, good to see you, and that is an excellent suggestion! Ellen should switch to a less accurate step counter immediately, or else figure out how to fudge the numbers post facto (perhaps MP has some tips on that?) The current fitbit can be re-lent to the maid, who can then "lose" it, or else accidentally flushed down a toilet at the office, if the case needs to be made for a new device.

    3. I wonder if there is any chance Ellen could get some kind of endorsement arrangement with Fitbit? Of course, they'd need to see her picture, and should be able to monitor her tuchus to make sure it is getting smaller, not bigger.

    4. I don't know about this, but I have a pedometer (not a fitbit) that I have been using ever since Ellen said hers helped her. I have about 15 pounds to lose, so if I succeed, I will invest in a fitbit as a reward.

    5. Alice, if you have to lose 15, it is more than in your tuchis. Ellen only has a tuchis problem.