Saturday, February 22, 2014

tryeing to grow a mustahe

Yay! I just got into work b/c my door got stuck open and I had to get the super to come up and sand it down so I can open AND close it! FOOEY! The manageing partner is mad at me b/c he had to do my calendar call. I told him I could NOT leeve my house with the door stuck in the OPEN position! FOOEY on the manageing partner for getting mad b/c of that!!!
As for the OP, definitely a nice suit, mabye Calvin Klien or Eves Sant Lauraent. You do NOT want to be weareing scrub’s even tho you are in the Medical Field. I knew a guy when I was in law school who worked as an Orderley in GWU Hospital and he ALWAYS wore green scrub’s around town b/c peeople thought he was a DOCTOR. But he was onley getting his BA at GWU. There were a coupel of women that got tricked into thinkeing he was an MD, but most could tell he was not b/c he was tryeing to grow a mustahe, but it was NOT workeing for him, so he looked like Dookie Houzer. FOOEY!
But you do NOT have that probelem, so just go to Bloomie’s or L&T and ask them to help you dress PROPERLY for a meeting with a congressman. They know what you will need. The good thing is that the clothe’s you buy will be useful in the future. YAY!!

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  1. The nerve of MP. What was Ellen to do? Leave her apartment in NYC with the door stuck wide open? I could never work for a jerk like MP.