Thursday, February 6, 2014

and keep in a vanilla folder

So folders come in sweet flavors, and tuchuses--all on their own--have dress sizes. Things to love and hate in Ellen-world.
  • This is a great skirt, but I do NOT like the leather stripe down the front. I had something like this in COLLEGE (it was “pleather”) and it did NOT go thru the WASH very well and disentigrated on me. FOOEY! Also, men would say to me, can I unzip your skirt? FOOEY on those men that wanted to see me without my skirt! FOOEY!
    As to the OP, yes, we must stay current, and that is the law. By law, we must get 24 credit’s each 2 year’s includeing 4 of ethics. I meet my requirement’s easily b/c the manageing partner know’s someone at the Bar Association that send’s us blank certifieate’s that we just fill out and keep in a vanilla folder for 4 year’s just in case we get audited. Also, the manageing partner and I teach classes for CLE where we get credit for teacheing the class equal to 3 times the number of hours. So if we teach for 1 hour, we get 3 credit’s; 2 hours = 6 credit’s etc, etc… so it is not a problem for us.
    And I am forced to stay current on new thing’s b/c the manageing partner is expanding the firm into new area’s of the law, now Interntational Import and Export law. I am suposed to be headeing up the departement, but this is temporearly on hold as long as this IRS guy is noseing around. Today, I am suposed to go out for coffee with him and get muffin’s at crumb’s, but I am wearing nice pump’s and did NOT walk today with my fitbit, b/c the cleaneing lady I think has it in her pocketbook when she did my laundry on Sunday. Thank GOD she did NOT wash it– that would be dumm, but she did NOT give it back to me so I had to explain all of that to dad. I told dad that as long as I do NOT get FITBIT credit, I will NOT walk, and he grumbeled, but did not say more b/c he cannot check on me anyway! YAY!!!!
    He told me to have the cleaneing lady drop it off by Tomorrow b/c he want’s to see my tuchus moving by Thursday. He told me that Mom will NOT be makeing any pie’s for me unless my tuchus is in a size 4 when I get there this weekend. FOOEY ON DAD — his tuchus is much bigger then mine. I have to figure out how the hive deal’s with a dad that is SO CONTROLLEING! FOOEY!
    For now, I just have to charm the IRS guy. That is NOT goeing to be easy, but the manageing partner is depending on me. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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  1. Ellen is perfect for me. Makes a decent buck, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and so anxious to marry that given the right guy, she's likely to hump like a bunny. Set us up, and I'll give her a box of vanilla folders for her CLE class certificates.