Monday, February 3, 2014

there is a mule that come’s up

Far be it from me to try to deconstruct Ellen's intricate creative inspirations, but a mule? For Fred? My best guess is that this is a comment on his stubbornness; he keeps contacting Ellen despite zero demonstration of interest from her. Far behind that possibility is the simple association with gross animals--he's a pet store owner and tries to send kitty litter as a love token sometimes

Thank's to the ELLENWatchers here discussing her spelling of "suede." tesyaa, I am first of all impressed that you had any reason to be writing this word when you were a little kid--I don't think I even knew what it was until high school. Second, I agree that generally this just isn't something about Ellen that can be pinned down: some word's she misspells in exactly the same way every time, others she mixes up on whim, and still others she occasionally or formerly knew how to spell but have since descended into madness.

I think we have to assume that Grandma Trudy is Ellen's mom's mom. Is she still with us, pray? 
I agree. I love these pump’s but every time I read the word HUSH PUPPIE’S, I think of my dad when I was a little girl, and how he used to wear these clunky shoe’s that were swade, and how mad he got when he stepped in Susie’s poopie b/c there was tread on the bottom of those shoe’s. Suzie was our little puppie that did NOT ever get house broken b/f we gave it to Grandma Trudy.
Anyway, the IRS guy is still talkeing to the manageing partner, and I see that the manageing partner is sweateing b/c he has sweat ring’s under his arm’s of his suit. It is hot in here and he NEVER wear’s his jacket, but today, he is and you can tell he is sweateing! FOOEY! Margie will be mad that his suit has sweateing stains on it unless they can be dry cleaned out, he will need a new suit. FOOEY b/c that mean’s less money for Margie to spend on herself.
Sam texted me about food, and so did FRED. I should never have given that guy my cell number. I should have just given him my FIOS number at home. What a jerk I was b/c his message’s keep poppeing up on my phone. I put a picture of a mule next to him so every time he call’s or text’s, there is a mule that come’s up, so at least it’s funny.
I have not put a picture up for Sam, and was thinkeing I should put a picture up of a winkie, but that would NOT be professional if I was in a meeting and all of a sudden a winkie showed up on my IPHONE. FOOEY! Willem also want’s to meet. He is a littel to stiff for me tho. I need a guy who is freindly but not that stiff.
Myrna thought the guy at the superbowl party was a jerk, but she knew him. She asked me if I wanted to date him. I said DOUBEL FOOEY to that!
I need a new guy in my life. YAY!!!!!
  • Ellen is super consistent about spelling suede “swade”. Most people who don’t know how to spell aren’t quite so consistent. Let’s see a suade, suedd, or my fave, and how I spelled it as a little kid, “swayed”.
I’m not sure it’s so much that Ellen doesn’t know how to spell as that she has her own language.


  1. Great analysis from you, January and Tesyaa. This is the first I recall hearing about grandma Trudy. I wonder whether she came from the "old country" like Igor?

  2. I certainly didn't write the word "suede" or "swayed" at age 7! However, my brother had a pair of those Clark's desert boots (or a knockoff) that my mother referred to has his "suede" shoes, which I guess they were. In my head, I thought it was spelled "swayed". When I got older and saw the word "suede" in print, I had no idea what it meant :)

  3. Grandma Trudy might still have a bit of spark left in those old bones. How about if I agree to bring my umpah along for a double date with Ellen and her.

    1. Oh, by the way, where does Grandma Trudy live? Perhaps I can make a play for Ellen through her. Give us a hint, Ellenwatch, will you please?