Monday, July 15, 2013

and he is not to weazeley

A certain amount of weazeliness is allowed, and Sam falls somewhere within that reasonable range. 

I admit to getting a little bit excited about this one. Ellen hasn't mentioned an accent, makeing me wonder if he's been living in the US too long to be special at this point, but I must note that since I pointed out the lack of logic in his trying to bargain in Euros, his currency of choice has been switched to the more appropriate pound (below)--the number is still the same but the value is now something like half again. Review: Sam's offering the money essentially as a bet, that two people can share his mattress without being aware of each other's presence. Sounds like Myrna want's to get on with it already. 

I am also a LIST person!
Between all the thing’s I have to keep up with on my job, and in my PERSONAL life, I have alot of thing’s to put down and check OFF when I do them.
At work, I keep a list of all my cases, and under each, a list of TO-DO’s, so that when I do them I check them off.
At home, I have a big list of things that I have to do, rangeing from payeing the cleaneing lady, talkeing with the superintendent about getting my window’s washed, and getting my new clothe’s fitted properly at the taileor. Each time I get thing’s done, I take it off the list thru a cross out b/c they are sure to re-occur in the future!
Right now, I do NOT need to get new running shoe’s, but I will have to soon, either b/c they wear out or I step into something that can NOT get cleaned. So I leave it on the list. I have on the list “go home to LI” b/c I often have to go home, even if I already went, I will have to DO this again. FOOEY on my dad for telling me to take this off the list. I know he like’s to see me even if he scowles when I come in and take food out of his refregierator for me to take home! YAY MOM for feedeing me!
Fellow Englishman Ron Weazely
As to this SAM, I am not sure why he is texteing so much. Myrna says he realy liked me. I will say that at least he is NOT bald like Harold and he is not to weazeley. Myrna says I should NOT write him off to quickley b/c he makes alot of money (YAY!) and if I married him, I at least would NOT be grossed out if I go to bed with him. But I do NOT want to sleep at his place at all b/f we are engaged, and Myrna will do the bet thing for the 500 pound’s. With 500 pound’s, I can buy alot of stuff I need without dad getteing on my case! YAY!!!
Myrna wants to get this done next week. I am not sure when but I will coooordineate with her and let her talk with Sam. I still think he want’s to see my boobies. FOOEY on that for now!

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