Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I usueally buy it!

My dad point’s out almost DAILY that I have issue’s here (or back there). I usueally do NOT buy a dress unless I try it on with someone OTHER then the saleslady there, b/c they ALWAYS rave about how great I look. My other rule is to ask ROSA about whether she think’s the dress would look good on me. She has a very flat tuchus b/c she does pilate’s and zoomba, and she does NOT have to sit at work on her tuchus all day like I do stareing at a computer screen! FOOEY!
If Rosa says it is good for her, I then ask, would it be good for me and my tuchus? She usueally is very frank, b/c she knows that Dad does NOT like me to parade around with a noticeable SHELF. He says that I am NOT a JAY-LO, so should not to think that the kind of guy’s she attracts are any good for me.
Once I get the OK from Rosa, and try on the dress, I usueally buy it! YAY!!!!

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