Wednesday, July 31, 2013

as teh EQUAL’s we are???

Boogersnot is going to be evaluated, by Dad, for its nutritional content. Meanwhile yes, of course, the original offer of guaranteed salary was way too low for prospective first-year partner Ellen, and even doubled (as proposed below) I still say it's short of fair. 

I hate sexism in the media and in public. FOOEY! When will men ever treat us as teh EQUAL’s we are??? DOUBEL FOOEY!
We should NOT share our BODIES with MEN WHO DO NOT RESPECT OUR MIND’s!
Sam sent over some flower’s, includeing roses, and gardenas and lily’s. It was very nice and it said: “I DONT EAT MEAT, BUT MEET ME IN THE HAMTON’S!”
It was very cute and Frank wanted to know all about him. I told him he was a VEGGAN and did NOT eat meat. I also said he did NOT eat GLUTEN, and Frank said “OH, ONE OF THOSE!” and he snikkered.
I did NOT tell him that Sam picked his nose b/c I am not sure b/c I did NOT see that. I suppose that is not VEGGAN or GLUTEN, but will ask DAD.
Dad is NOT goeing to tell me exactely what is in the report, but he said that I should NEGOTEATE an extra $75K guraanteed salary. I wonder if this means that I am being UNDER PAID or if it mean’s I need to get more. I should ask HOW I should do this? DOES THE HIVE HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR ME? I will ask MYRNA, b/c she was abel to get a good raise and buy a car with it. YAY!!!!

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