Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Thank you for returning to the contributor's circle, eek. You were always gifted.

We do NOT have any IT security on our machine’s at work, other than the window’s password (which everyone’s is the same), and we all use Gmail, which is FREE!
Fortuneately, I have a MACBOOK Air at home and I was abel to get the IT guy to load the office stuff on it so I can access it from my co-op useing the WIRELESS ROOTER. So in a nutshell, I am useing my machine from home and never have to worry about their old machine at work.
Sometimes I bring my Macbook Air into work b/c I need to keep workeing on something and do NOT want to have to send it to myself at work. FOOEY on that! Every one wants to have a Macbook Air like me, even Frank, who does NOT even use his computer!
I also have Gmail on my laptop, so I can do email from there, too. YAY!!!!!
  • Ellen, make sure you have a strong password. You should probably change from “Password1″ to something stronger.

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