Wednesday, July 3, 2013

calls me his “billeing machine”

I don't understand. How is Roberta abel to "have" Jim give Ellen more cases? Here is the first post in which Roberta was ever mentioned, and it was Jim who referred her to Ellen in the first place. There's no suggestion that she and Jim are even in the same industry, but even if they are, how is Roberta being consulted on where Jim & Co. sends its legal business? The best explanation I can think of is that Roberta's in leadership at some kind of trade group of which Jim is a member, and he's the fool to her smooth operator. 

But explain, Ellen. 
Yes, we were lucky to gradeuate when we did. Dad told me last month that in this economy, no one would hire me, NOT even the manageing partner. I said he was WRONG, b/c the manageing partner calls me his “billeing machine” and would never part with me or have any choice BUT to hire another billeing machine to get all of the billeing’s in and collected! YAY!
Today Roberta called to see if I was doeing anything special for the 4th, and I told her of the manageing partner’s boat ride. She said that she wanted to be invited to see his new boat, seeing as how she paid for some of it. I think she was seareious, so I told the manageing partner. He said he was planning a cleint’s outing around Labor day, so I could tell Roberta to keep her caleandar open. Roberta was happy. She also know’s that I onley have 3 open case’s from her, so she is goeing to see if there are any other type’s of cases she can “throw me”. I told her I do NOT like antietrust, but I can do loan agreement’s now. We will see what I get. She also told me she would talk to Jim to have him give me more case’s. YAY!!!!!

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  1. Jim's a wimp and Roberta has a set of balls!