Tuesday, July 23, 2013

schvitzing all over the place

The weight loss goal is still 8 lbs, evidently. I wonder if she's continued to gain but just feels comfortable with this number. It always signifies an 8 lb. loss, after all, and that sure sounds like Ellen logick. 

Me too! I love the color of this sheath dress and the high neckline virtually ASSURES that Frank will NOT be able to see anything to stare at. YAY! Now I just need to loose about 8 lbs so I do NOT have a tight seat for him to stare at my tuchus!
Sam is texting me to much. Every time I look at my I-phone there is ANOTHER message from him. I have to tell him to slow down b/c it is beepeing all the time and the manageing partner is wondering what is wrong with my I-Phone. I think I have to turn the SOUND down or leave it in my LIT BAG.
I am heading to COURT this afternoon for a calendar call. I have 15 cases to report on and the judge has NOT seen me for 2 week’s. I think his clerk wondered what hapened to me last week, but I had NOTHING to update the court on and all of the motion’s were NOT returnable until TODAY! YAY! I am wearing a very nice suit and it is a little less hot, but I think I will still be sweateing, so the manageing partner said I could take a CAB to court, and NOT the subway!!! YAY!!!! The last thing I need is to be schvitzing all over the place with my mascara running down my face. That is mascara that the manageing partner insist I wear in front of the judge, but NOT something that I would wear on my own. I also have new shoe’s from Anne Klein, which I got on SALE over the 4th of July weekend. They are a little tight, but I will be abel to wear them.
Wish me well b/c I am now going to tell the Judge I will soon be a partner! YAY!!!!!

Yes, you need to look your best, and that does not include sweating. Give Sam a try before rejecting him because you are not getting any younger. Who cares if he’s from the UK. The royal family just had a baby so why can’t you with him? If Prince William is any yardstick, those Brits are not shooting blanks!

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