Monday, July 8, 2013

Beleive me, it hapens all the time

So Ellen's mom goes to the gym too. Somehow I don't think her father does.

This is EASY! Just tell her what you JUST told the HIVE!!!! Tell her your time is as VALUBLE as her time, and while you love her, you do NOT have the time to go every 6 week’s OUT OF YOUR WAY to use her any more.
My mom did this and her hairdresser use’s the same gym that my mom use’s, so they still see each other working OUT! Beleive me, it hapens all the time and you probabley do NOT even work out at the same place so you will NOT have this issue! Yay!
PS to Kat. I LOVE ANN TAYLOR and am goeing to buy this belt even tho I am on a moratorum from DAD not to buy stuff. YAY!!!!

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