Thursday, July 25, 2013

I usueally wear avaitor glasses from RAYBAN

Dad's resume just keeps getting longer and longer! What hasn't he done? 

ELLENWatchers should take note of this weekend gear: baseball hat + aviator's. Assuming the white scrunchie pokes out the back, you can NOT say you don't know what you're looking for on the sidewalks of Manhattan.

Ever Since hitting 28, I have learned to take better care of my skin. I now do NOT sit out in the sun and bake, like a french fry, even if I go to the beach or the Hamton’s, b/c I learned it was NOT good for you.
I also use a moistureizer (NIVEA) every nite, and am goieng to get a better one from Estee Lauder when I am mom’s age, and I can afford to. Men alway’s tell me how soft and pure my skin look’s, but Rosa looks ALOT better then me–I think b/c she does NOT sit under a flurescent bulb all day like me. Dad says she is an “IVORY GIRL” and I am a bit spotty, but I know that since I am the oldest one, I have to be abel to let that run off my back, like a duck. FOOEY on him for saying that b/c I am tryeing and Rosa is MARRIED so she does NOT have to work like me.
I also wear a baseball cap when I walk on the weekend’s, but NOT backwards like Jim and some of the other idiot’s I see on 86th at the bar’s who think that they are atheletic b/c they wear a baseball cap backward’s. I use it right so that the sun does NOT hit my face and eye’s. I usueally wear avaitor glasses from RAYBAN, which Dad got when he was in the militiary. They are NOT prescription, so I can wear his. Men think I look very cute in his glasses!!!! Who knew that I would look better with glasses then without them????? YAY!!!!

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