Monday, July 22, 2013

He said it was POISON! FOOEY

Was it "House of Cards" or "Orange is the NEW Black"? At any rate Sam still sounds like a serious contender. My one question is how he thinks the charm will work is he's calling lady love's food poison. Still it sounds like the next date may involve two people rather than three. 

Yay! Beautiful dress, but kind of pricey for me.
As for the OP, My dad has done this for Harvard and Yale year’s ago, but stopped b/c he was abel to get a better consulting position. He is NOW semi RETIRED, but is still very active in the market, for a few select cleint’s.
Sam showed up at Myrna’s on Friday, and we all watched a NETFLIX show. It was good. Sam was also kind of nice, tho he could NOT eat any of the snack’s we had. Also, he would NOT eat any of the muffin’s we brought up from Crumb’s. He said it was POISON! FOOEY b/c I do NOT eat poison.
He want’s to date me. I do not know if I can date a guy from the U.K. Does any one in the hive have idea’s for me? He make’s alot of money and is nice. Help!

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  1. If this guy is interested, Ellen should go for it. Alan has already taken her virginity, so what does she have to lose? It's not like men of quality are fighting over her. And she's over 30 so fecundity is an issue. She's no Princess Kate, who has just popped out a royal muffin from her oven!