Monday, July 1, 2013

I wonder how many times I have been swimming and feceal matter went by

Don't we all wonder this, though? Voice of a generation.

The ELLENWatch narrative alway's has a certain circularity to it, given that nothing ever changes or even happens, but today was especially time-warped. Myrna has had to struggle with swimming through crap for her TRY-ATHELON before, and Ellen has dropped heavy hints that she'd join Bay Area readers for a meet-up previously as well. (Many kudos to k-padi for extending this invitation yet again, just as cheerfully, despite being spurned every time thus far.) 

One of these day’s I will be abel to afford Splurge Monday’s! But for now, and at least until I am a partner or MARRIED, I perfer fruegal Friday’s. Yay!!
Myrna and I were up in Ulster County (upstate NY) where she was biking, swimming and running. She even swam in the Hudson River! The onley thing funny is that when she was swimming, some boat that was parked in the water let out some feceal matter, and it floated right by where she was swimming! FOOEY! She complained to the race co-ordeneator that it made her swim around it, but she did NOT get any extra time put back on her score. They said it is legal to flush the toilet on boat’s in the open water, so there is NOTHING they could do. DOUBEL FOOEY!
I wonder how many times I have been swimming and feceal matter went by. Not alot, dad say’s b/c we mainley go to the pool’s and in the ocean, he said the fish eat it up b/f it EVER get’s to the beach! YAY!
Dad says he is NOT interested in goieng to SF this summer, so it is goeing to either be me alone, or mabye Myrna. She did NOT want to discuss it b/c she was focussed on getting into a hot shower yesterday. I will bring it up again with her this week! YAY!!!!

Ellen, we are having a Bay Area Meet-up on July 27th. Come and visit us! We’d love to meet you.


  1. The father is actually right. There are a lot of different scavenger fish that eat all kinds of waste in the ocean. That includes clams, scungilli and a variety of other sea creatures that love to eat fecal matter. That is why you have to be careful when you eat seafood, because you could be eating your own poop!

  2. I once had a lobster that had feces in it. Gross!