Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"So she’s telling slightly demented stories from the 1950s"

I love this, Marilla. Not sure why she need's to impersonate a lawyer in her early thirties, and perhaps talk about her dating life from the mid-20th c. in the present tense, injecting current technologies into the yarn...but otherwise, very astutely proposed.

She also has a dirty side voiced by the occasional male interloper we see.

Thank's for playing, all!

I’ve decided to start imagining Ellen as our kooky great-aunt. So she’s telling slightly demented stories from the 1950s and dispensing wacky life advice over (many) cocktails.


  1. These are pretty funny-- and you are also insightful. Since your posts are often more useful than Ellen herself, kindly take the extra time to add your own 2 cents, because it's often worth a laugh. My friends and I laugh every evening when you do manage to capture and post these Ellens! Yay!

    1. I do what I can, Mulva, but I don't always have something to contribute. Thank's for making your way over here--I've seen your coment's on Corporette and suspected you were on team S&S.