Wednesday, July 3, 2013

he doe’s but that he trie’s NOT to

Thanks, freinds!

This is a beautiful suit, but a little to open at the top — personaly I would have to wear a TURTELNECK to keep Frank from stareing at me. I warned him about this, and told him he is MARRIED, but he said it is GENETEIC, and he can NOT help stareing, not onley at me but at most women. I asked him why he does NOT stare at Madeline, and he said he doe’s but that he trie’s NOT to. FOOEY!
I told the manageing partner about Frank’s stareing and he told Frank to try and look at something else. So he is on the INTERNET alot, and I do NOT want to even think of what he is lookeing at. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Dad is comeing in AGAIN tomorrow, and I don’t know WHY b/c it is ONLEY a 1/2 day. I guess he like’s to feel wanted and has to EARN his comision. HOPEFULLY, I can get the GREEN light to be a partner, so I can get a guy to MARRY me. YAY!!!!!

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  1. I agree with Ellen that men who stare at our breasts are losers.