Thursday, July 18, 2013

We are now goeing on Friday

MP needs to chaperone his wife's excursions into retail districts and control as much of her time as possibel while there. I don't know why he hasn't already mandated that she use Long Island nail salons only, preferably housed in office buildings surrounded by laundromats isolated by on-ramps.  

On the date that is now tomorrow: I think this early intersection between Sam and MP needs to be noted based on additional info we have, highlighted below. MP is poaching Myrna's employer company via "big player" Sam, and Ellen has a direct interest in his success in that regard. She also evidently wants to at least try dating this Englishman. Thus her romantic and professional fortunes are now both invested in a friendly and mutually approving relationship between MP and Sam. I have long believed that any lasting beau was going to need strong ties to both omnipotent patriarchs in Ellen's life--her boss and, of course, her Dad--and between the facts that he make's a lot of money and apparently can decide how to direct legal business for some financial entity, I'm even more confident that Sam just could be it. 

I love this Tote, but my dad would literally SKEWER me if he found that I bought this, especialy b/c he got me a legal LIT bag that he has me useing most of the time. I even put my clotheing in there when I walk to work with SHORT’s on b/c it does NOT wrinkle up like it does with my BEACH bag.
Myrna was laughing when she found out the manageing partner invited himself along, and is goieing to be picking up the tab b/c he is lookeing for business from her company. Sam is a big player there so he can direct business over to us, but he will HAVE to be impressed with the manageing partner. The manageing partner may bring along Margie b/c this way he can buy her LUNCH and have the firm pay for it instead of him. He also sugested the LAMB’s CLUB b/c he has a running tab there. I guess we will go there b/c Myrna likes it. We are now goeing on Friday b/c Margie is getting her nails done in the City then and she will be here all day with NOTHING else to do but shop. This way, the manageing partner can keep an eye on her and keep her out of Sak’s 5th Avenue. I bet Margie wants to go there w/o the manageing partner. I wonder if we can all go there together or to Bloomingdale’s afterwards? I want to go to get frozen yogurt there anyway b/c it is so hot out!!!!! YAY!!!!


  1. This date is starting to feel crowded. I wonder if Sam will bring his own entourage.

    1. Absolutely, and I had been wondering the same thing. Ellen had already referred to herself and Myrna as a "doubel date," suggesting that he might be bringing a +1 for Myrna. Now it's a client development meeting and who knows who else, other than MP, is tagging along.

  2. I hope that Ellen will finally be able to have a decent guy. There have been quite a parade of losers, all either drunks, or self-absorbed a-holes just interested in superficial relationships (in bed).

    Can this guy be different? I am a cynic, so I don't think so. Perhaps the MP will turn off Sam and then Ellen can start dating in earnest without the pressure of business(if he's any good that is)